Smart Options

We have sourced some of the best smart home options on the market that can be incorporated into your fire or security system. We want to help you to create an effective and efficient system that keeps up with your lifestyle. Whether you are home or away, your fire and security needs are at your fingertips.


Providing you with technologies that allow you to know what is going on with your fire and security systems, even when you are not home with alerts and live feeds you will be kept informed, fast!


We have done the research so you don’t have to! We work with world class partners to provide you with the latest Smart Security and Fire technology solutions to make sure that your systems are modern and efficient to meet your needs going forward.


Creating a system that can integrate with your existing smart home technologies, whilst also being open to connect with new technologies in your home in the future is a difficult task for most, but not JGE. We want to create a system that is built for the future and incorporates all of the existing elements of your Smart Home

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