We work with business across Central Scotland providing unique security and fire solutions specific to their business needs. We can manage the project from start to finish and then design a maintenance plan that will work best for you in the long term. We ensure that you get the best service from us with minimal downtime for your business. Along with over 35 years of experience, we meet and exceed industry requirements which allow us to work safely and effectively on all sites that we operate.


Access Control allows you to control and restrict access to your business so that you are aware of exactly who has accessed certain areas of the business at any given time. It is also useful for payroll purposes as it can monitor when employees clock in and out of the business.


Not only can you monitor any potential criminal activity with CCTV, you can also use it as a tool to identify customer behaviour and footfall to help with marketing and gaining a better understanding of your customers. You can also make sure that your employees are following rules and procedures correctly when you aren’t around.


Unfortunately, criminals will always be a threat to your business, therefore it is necessary to try and safeguard your business as best you can. A deterrent such as a burglar alarm can reduce the risk of these threats substantially. These alarms can alert you and the police immediately to any attempts to break into or vandalise your business.


Having a fully working fire system installed at your business is the law. At JGE we can run an audit of your business to make sure that fire systems are fully compliant with the law and that they will help to protect your employees, customers and your business assets. Designing a tailored fire solution to your business to ensure peace of mind that you are in safe hands.


To make sure that your systems are working to a high standard, we offer ongoing support packages that suit your business. Making sure that your staff and premises are kept safe at all times. We treat our support to you as a top priority offering 24/7 support and remote servicing to ensure minimal downtime for your business.

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