Cyber Security

It is important to JGE that any systems that we install for you are protected from potential cyber threats. 

We ensure that we use quality products from pre approved partners who have similar values to ourselves when it comes to the integrity of their devices. Any devices that we use from one of our partners has been tried and tested by us to make sure that it meets our strict standards before we deliver it to a customer.

Our engineers then install these devices with the utmost care and attention to detail, thus ensuring that your system has not been left open to attack from cyber criminals. This is then all tied together with a secure IT network to make sure that the information travelling within your system is secure and only accessed by approved people. All data is encrypted as it moves from cameras to recorders and if we need to remotely access your system if there is a fault, then we use VPN technologies.

The nature of Cyber Security is ever changing so we make sure that we keep ourselves and our customers informed of any changes and updates to ensure that your security and fire systems are protected and working to a high standard.

To learn more about how we can help with your Cyber Security Contact Us.

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